You might know that iPhone 7 plus has the dual-lens camera then there is a rumor that this device will also have the same feature. Lots of Asian popular websites releasing the updated news about iPhone 8 Release date and what is going to work for iPhone 8 in next year. They not released any specifications about this phone but they have clearly mentioned the features of the iPhone.

Actually iPhone 7 plus has the “Portrait mode” which will be found in SLR and mirror less cameras and it will also add the two lenses to help this feature and even for zoom. I think I never seen these type of camera features in any smart phone now days. So, we have to wait for the release of this iPhone and to check whether iPhone added the ultra camera features in it or not.

Apple iPhone 8 Handset Features:

According to some news Apple iPhone 8 will be free from home button. There will be no home button instead you will get Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Using which you can perform the functions and it’s too easy to use. According to an US based website this scanner helps you to perform volume controls, brightness controls, notifications and many more things. You can unlock whatsapp with fingerprint on iphone 8

Apple’s latest smartphone has released few months ago, the phone got a ultimate response from the audience. Now this iPhone making a big news is that they already making a design for the iPhone 8 to release it in next year. I mean in 2017.

There are lots of rumors were spreading about the phone and there are videos have been made that it will be a next generation phone, It might considering the features like removal of home button, USB-C chargers and wireless charging and many more.

This is the most expected phone which will have the adapted version of Apple’s touch bar at the bottom of the display in place of the home button. You can use it for anything. You might use it to unlock the device and even to expand the keyboard. Apart from that it helps to add the emojis in the messaging app.  So, all the people are waiting to update their phone from iPhone 7 ti iPhone 8.

Rumors About iPhone 8:

Thre is a rumor spreading that the iPhone 8 will be released without the series, they are not adding any series like S and more like that. So, this phone will be releasing on the tenth anniversary of Apple ten it might have some unique indication.

The popular news report from South korea which is Korean Herald reports that the iPhone is going to feature plastic curved OLED display and the OLED panels will be supplied from Samsung. This is the new technology used to touch the sides of the devices to perform. Even Samsung has producing the OLED panels then Apple has been bought them from Samsung.

A popular website from US said that Apple not uses a new trend in it devices. Its slow to take the trends. There is news that is they are following the trend for iPhone 8 or they are making a new generation phone.


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